Supply of our medicines


Norgine is working hard to supply our transformational medicines and products to patients around the world during these difficult times.



Our customer service, medical information teams and other staff are here to assist you


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Dr. Alastair Benbow, Chief Development and Medical Officer at Norgine highlights our commitment to ensure that our 22 million patients are still able to get their medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic




Community support


We are doing everything we can to help local health services to manage this crisis. There are already a number of initiatives taking place across the Norgine world and we are proud of our people who are so willingly volunteering their time and expertise. We are also incredibly proud of our employees who work in manufacturing and supply, many of whom have been designated by national governments as key workers themselves due to the incredibly important work we do every day to help people to live better and healthier lives.

We believe that as a society we should work together in this battle against coronavirus and every contribution is important, no matter how big or small. Here are some recent examples of initiatives that our people have initiated:

  • Norgine Italy are supporting Italian hospitals by purchasing lung ventilators for intensive care units
  • Norgine’s manufacturing site in Dreux, France, are donating masks and other vital supplies to help those in need
  • Norgine Belgium are donating masks to UZ Leuven Hospital
  • Norgine Belgium are sponsoring the initiative of a doctor who has set up a support network of trained therapists for medical staff
  • Norgine’s manufacturing site in Hengoed, Wales, are donating PPE to Prince Charles Hospital. The donation includes coveralls, face masks, surgical masks, sleeve covers and hand sanitiser